Welcome to Photonic Research Laboratory!

This research lab is within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (EECE) at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette).


Our research group focuses on variety topics in optical fiber telecommunications.

The research interests include

  • photonic devices
  • wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) technologies
  • optical fiber transmission
  • fiber amplifiers
  • optical networks


The laboratory infrastructure includes over one million worth of state-of-the-art equipments for test and measurement of high-speed optical fiber communication systems, and theoretical simulation software for photonic devices and optical systems. The lab is located at Madison Hall, room 146B.

The principal facilities include:

  • Lucent Wavestar OLS 400G Optical Switch System
  • 12.5-Gbit/s Bit-Error-Rate Test Set (BERTS)
  • High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)
  • 50 GHz Oscilloscope (Communication Analyzer)
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
  • 1440 nm – 1640 nm Wavelength Tunable Laser
  • 2 ps Wavelength Tunable Short Pulse Laser
  • 10-Gbit/s Optical Intensity/Phase Modulators and Modulator Drivers
  • 40-Gbit/s Optical Intensity/Phase Modulators and Modulator Drivers
  • 10-Gbit/s Optical Receiver
  • 10-Gbit/s Direct Modulation DFB Laser
  • 20 GHz Electro-Absorption Modulator
  • 10-Gbit/s Error Control Coder/Decoder
  • 10-Gbit/s Adaptive Electrical Equalizers
  • Optical DPSK Coder and Decoder
  • Optical Duobinary Coder and Decoder
  • High Power (2W) Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers
  • 1530 nm – 1560 nm Tunable Optical Filter
  • Optical Power Meter and Multimeters
  • 4 Channel 200 GHz MUX/DeMUX
  • VPI WDMTransmissionMaker, and RSOFT component design, system simulation, and network modeling tollbox